Immigration Medical

Immigration medical examinations usually have 3 parts

  • Doctor's examination at 3200 Shelbourne Street in Victoria

  • Chest X-ray at 1120 Yates Street in Victoria

  • Lab work at any LifeLabs location.

The doctor's medical assessment is done Friday afternoons and evenings by appointment. 

  1. To book a doctor's appointment please click HERE.

  2. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your appointment

  3. You will receive an e-mail asking for more information and giving you a confirmation code for your Chest X-ray

  4. You will make an Chest X-ray appointment by phoning West Coast Imaging at 250-386-8305 with your confirmation X-ray code.

  5. The lab work does not require an appointment. You will receive the necessary papers at the doctor's appointment.


Doctor Examination
  • Come to 3200 Shelbourne Street at the time of your appointment. For directions to our clinic please click HERE. For a list of what to bring, please click HERE and choose the first heading.

  • Inside the walk-in clinic, look for the Immigration Exams sign off to the right.

  • Paperwork and payment comes first with our receptionist. For payment options please click HERE.

  • One of the doctors will photograph you, discuss medical questions (available in Chinese and Korean) and do a physical check.

  • The doctor will not do a vaginal exam (like a Pap smear) or breast exam. The doctor will not do a rectal exam.

  • You will be finished by about an hour after your appointment time.

  • Dr Green and Dr Gibson work from the same schedule. The exam will be done by the first doctor available at the time of your appointment. If you have a particular need in this regard, contact us by e-mail [Contact Page]

X-Ray Examination
  • Applicants age 11 and over need to have an Immigration Chest X-ray with West Coast Imaging, 1120 Yates Street, Suite 203. They are open Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5, not on the weekends.

  • To make an appointment you will need your X-Ray code. The code is sent to your e-mail when you booked online, or given to you by the doctor. Phone West Coast Imaging at 250-386-8305 two weeks or less before your doctors’ appointment time and ask for an Immigration Chest X-Ray appointment.

  • Applicants going to New Zealand sometimes do not need an X-ray.

Laboratory Examination
  • The lab tests can be done at any LifeLabs laboratory, but cannot be done before the doctor examination. (This is because the laboratory needs a “Referral letter” with your photograph on it.) Those with a doctor appointment late on Friday will have to do the lab tests another day. Some LifeLabs laboratories are open Saturday morning.

  • You do not need to book an appointment with LifeLabs. Although it is possible to book a lab appointment online (not by phone), most people do not book ahead.

  • Blood tests are not required under age 15 years. A urine test is not required under age 5 years.

  • It does not matter what you eat or drink.

  • Do not exercise hard on the day of the lab test or the day before the lab tests. No running, dancing, gym exercise, aerobics, hiking, off-road biking, or motorcycling. Children can run while playing but should not run in gym class or do competitive running or jumping sports. You can walk or bicycle on city streets.

  • The lab tests would be done on a later date for women who are having their monthly period. A period does not interfere with the medical examination.